Resources For Awardees

ACIOP Quarterly Report

ACIOP Final Report Questions

Informational Access Category I: Information Retrieval

Information Access Category I Information Retrieval

Centers for Disease and Prevention Health CommWorks Social Media and Health Communications Planning Resources Including, an Evaluation Component

U.S. Department of Education, Evaluating Online Learning Challenges and Strategies for Success

Places: Evaluating Mobile Learning, A Framework for Mobile Learning

Learning Solutions Magazine, Reporting & Analysis of Mobile Learning: Is it Worth it?

Information Access Category II: Skills Development

Information Access Category II Skills Development

Basic Training Development Tool

Pre/Post Skills Development Template

Writing Measurable Learning Outcomes

Employment Security Department, Evaluating Training Programs-Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels

Information Access Category III: Resource Development

Information Access Category III Resource Development

Community Needs Assessment Tool

TeamLab-University of Southern California Designing Materials for Particular Audiences/Understanding Culture

Harvard Family Research Project Evaluation Exchange Benefit –Cost Analysis and Cost Effectiveness Analysis in Program Evaluation

Information Access Category IV: PrEP Navigator Resource Development  and Dissemination

Information Access Category IV: PrEP Navigator Resource Development and Dissemination

HIV Navigation Resources

PrEP Navigation Resources

Information Access Category V: Equipment Acquisition

Information Access Category V Equipment Acquisition, Technology Products and Learning Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

Evaluation Resources

Developing Evaluation Indicators

Measuring the Difference: Guide to Planning and Evaluating Health Information Outreach Evaluation and Health Information Outreach

Program Evaluation

NLM HIV/AIDS Information Resources and Services

Manual: HIV/AIDS Information Resources from the NLM

Recursos de información de la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina: Sobre la infección por el VIH/SIDA

HIV/AIDS Information Resources from the NLM: E-learning Training Course

  • Course with a certificate of completion (requires free account registration)


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