Request for Proposals

HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects

The National Library of Medicine® (NLM) is pleased to announce the solicitation of proposals from organizations and libraries to design and conduct projects that will improve access to HIV/AIDS related health information for patients, the affected community, and their caregivers.

Projects must involve two or more of the following information access categories:

  • Information Retrieval
  • Skills Development
  • Resource Development and Dissemination
  • PrEP Navigator Resource Development and Dissemination
  • Equipment Acquisition
Emphasis will be placed upon small businesses and the following types of organizations or arrangements for developing these projects:
  • Community-based organizations (CBO) or patient advocacy groups currently providing HIV/AIDS-related services to the affected community. This encompasses both individual groups wishing to enhance their own services, as well as several cooperating for the purpose of this project;
  • Public Libraries wishing to serve their communities in the provision of HIV/AIDS-related information and resources;
  • Health departments or other local, municipal, or state agencies working to improve the public health in the area of HIV/AIDS-related services;
  • Faith-based organizations currently providing HIV/AIDS-related services to the affected community and/or
  • Multi-type consortia of the above-listed organizations that may be in existence or formed specifically for this project. At least one of the organizations managing the project must be a community-based organization, library or department of public health.
Request for Proposal:
The solicitation for the 2019 HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project (ACIOP) is posted on theOak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) website.
Awards are offered for up to $50,000.
Deadline for proposal submission is July 12, 2019 2:00 PM EDT.
Primary Point of Contact:

ORAU Procurement Section Manager
Angela Hawn
865-576-3050 (Office)

Please Note:

Refer to the ORAU Web site ( for notices, updates, and modifications to the ACIOP 2019 RFP.

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