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  • Launching a Successful Community Health Worker Program: Developing the A, B, and C’s.

    AIDS Foundation Houston: Imagine beginning the implementation phase of a program.  What are some the steps needed for your development? What key information and resources are you needing to put out to the target community? How will you properly train… Read More ›

  • they2ze: SoCal Tour

    In February, the YTH Team had the opportunity to present their 2017-2018 ACIOP trans health mobile app, they2ze, at the Southern California Sexual Health Summit in Downtown Los Angeles. Along the way, YTH Director of Programs Cara Silva and Program… Read More ›

  • Utilizing Educational Resources to Strengthen a Community

    AIDS Foundation Houston: Founded in 1982 as Texas’ first organization dedicated to HIV prevention, education, and services, AIDS Foundation Houston (AFH) has steadily evolved from a grass-roots community agency to a professionally managed human services organization that provides many services… Read More ›

  • “Pop the Question” Update

    Black Girl Health: As part of Black Girl Health’s National Social Video Campaign, social media users who view the ” pop the question”social videos created by BGH social influencers will be directed to the BGH website. The Pop the question… Read More ›

  • Philadelphia FIGHT

    Since its founding in 1987, the primary purpose of the AIDS Library, a program of the Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers, has been to ensure that accurate information gets into the hands of those who need it most. Over the… Read More ›

  • Amgios Amantes

    Prevention Collaborative: In 2016-2017, Spanish language focus groups informed the final look, feel and content of animated, Spanish language educational episodes. Titled, “Amigos y Amantes” (“Friends and Lovers”), the stories briefly show the risk-taking and decision-making choices of three young… Read More ›

  • they2ze

    By: Christian Bannister, YTH YTH’s continued work with the National Library of Medicine [NLM] focuses on offering a new and novel approach to HIV prevention among transgender-spectrum youth and provides an update on the expansion of their they2ze mobile application. … Read More ›