NLAAD Expansion: Disseminating health information on how to find and use the NIH/HHS information resources online

During the second half of the project (third quarter of the year) we were able to implement most of the activities planned within this project. All activities were delivered virtually.

We had developed presentations/webinars to be delivered both in English and Spanish. The first set was about the information and resources about HIV/AIDS that can be found in the HHS and NIH webpages, but also in different pages from federal health organizations, such as PubMed, National Library of Medicine, CDC,, FDA, etc. The second set was about finding and using information and resources about PrEP navigation on the same pages, but we also added a component on HIV/AIDS and PrEP navigation during these difficult times of COVID19, that can help the PrEP navigators and the programs they work at to succeed in their efforts to help their clients and the community.

The first set, “How to find information and resources about HIV/AIDS online” / “Como encontrar informacion y recursos sobre VIH/SIDA en la internet” was presented by the Director of Community Mobilization at the Latino Commission on AIDS, Luis Mares, MSW. We launched this part with the webinar in Spanish, as part of our program “Salud es Vida” with great attendance and good reactions from the participants, they were engaged and asked many questions. At the end of the webinar we were able to compare the results from the initial poll and the one presented at the end, showing that we have been successful not only in providing the participants with new ways and websites where they could find resources, but also increase their interest in these pages and how to use them. The following 3 webinars of this set were in English. One of the webinars was exclusively for the staff of the Commission. We considered it important that our own staff received this information that we consider very useful, especially when we provide services to our clients, and also patient navigation.

To complement the webinars, we have created two infographics with this information, on what information can be found in these pages, and how to find them. These infographics will be shared with our partners across the country through our listserv. We want this to reach every corner of the country through the organizations that work together with us not only in NLAAD but different programs. These infographics will be posted on the NLAAD page and in every one of the Commission’s social media platforms.

And our second set of presentations/webinars “Tailoring Strategies: Successful Navigation Models – PrEP Navigation”/ “Adaptando Estrategias: Modelos de Navegacion exitosos – PrEP Navigation” was presented also in English and Spanish but our Director of capacity Building, Bolivar Nieto, MA. We launched this set in May at the Commission’s training institute Reunion Latina, delivered virtually for the first time but reaching to more participants. The second one, in English was presented to diverse participants from all over the country.

We will continue including this part of information dissemination to our future NLAASD campaigns as a way to prepare the field each year.

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