Youth Education Access to HIV (YEAH 2.0)

The Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH), in collaboration with Wayne State University (WSU) and the Connect 2 Protect Coalition, has launched the second year of the Youth Education Access on HIV (YEAH 2.0) project in Detroit, Michigan. The first year helped us to gather valuable information from youth, including the need for more information to be provided via social media platforms that they are already utilizing. Continuing with similar goals as the previous year, YEAH 2.0 aims to  increase  awareness among community stakeholders and the intended audience around access to technology to access HIV/AIDS information and resources. By doing so, project partners hope to eliminate barriers in access to information technology among Detroit youth in the short term and establish communities that are better positioned to decrease the incidence and prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Detroit youth in the long term. Partner organizations involved in YEAH 2.0 are continuing their commitment to providing health services and support for young people in Detroit and throughout the state of Michigan.

Since the beginning of the second round of funding, the steering committee continues to meet monthly along with smaller sub committee meetings to discuss ideas for collaborations and recruitment.

Taking what we learned from the first year of programming, we want to ensure that youth have access to information that not only helps them to manage their own health but also allows them to educate and engage their peers. In April 2021, the YEAH Project facilitator and program intern organized the first youth training. This training served as an intro to the YEAH 2.0 project for youth who were not familiar with it, along with a youth led TikTok 101 lesson to make sure everyone had a basic understanding of how to create engaging content on TikTok. Updates regarding our youth training and other program information can be found here. In the linked presentation, you will also find one of our TikTok submissions.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners and youth across the state of Michigan to ensure that youth have access to updated and medically accurate information regarding HIV/AIDS.

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