An extension of NLAAD to guide on how to Access NIH/NLM HIV/AIDS Resources

Every year through  National Latinx AIDS Awareness Campaign (NLAAD), we create awareness about HIV and the impact it has in our communities, to promote HIV testing and screening, prevention through behavioral changes and through PrEP, as well as treatment and the importance of viral suppression (U=U).

There is a need in our community to find information and inform themselves about HIV online. Many are   challenged on where to start, what pages to visit, where they can find updated and accurate information.

Through this year’s work our annual NLAAD campaign will fill that gap discovered, by providing guidance on how to navigate the NIH/HHS HIV/AIDS Resources, through webinars designed both in English and Spanish. We have prepared the presentations and we are excited we will deliver the first webinar in Spanish on June 4, through a national network of people with HIV who are Spanish-speakers.

The challenges of accessing culturally and linguistically relevant programs and services at an adequate health literacy level are an everyday event for many members of our Hispanic/Latinx communities. This group brings together an audience from throughout the United States and Puerto Rico through two programs called Salud es Vida/Health is Life and Poder Latino/Latino Power. For this group we will present information on sites in an interactive manner where participants could access information in Spanish (, CDC, HRSA) around medications, research, U=U, treatment adherence, and more.

Participants to the webinar will be instructed on how to visit the following pages

We will browse and navigate these webpages together, looking for different types of information, ranging from finding out locations to be tested for HIV to finding medical research publications on HIV, depending on the interests of the individual.

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