Promoting the Use of the National Library of Medicine Resources Virtually Through Outreach

David Lee continues to coordinate the HIV Prevention Navigation Training Program providing an experiential learning opportunity for CDU students.  Initially, the curriculum was developed with series of 10 videos, and to date 4 additional videos were added. CDU students engage in learning about field of HIV/AIDS from leading experts in the field. Several of the presenters are members of the CDU faculty, and students can seek additional collaborations with the experts. The list of videos can be found on the CDU Library HIV/AIDS Libguide, The purpose of the videos to provide students with an overview of the challenges facing underrepresented communities in South Los Angeles.

The HIV/AIDS information kiosks were displayed/exhibited successful at 3 Metro Rail Stations in South Central Los Angeles, including the Compton, Willowbrook and Rose Parks stations. The purpose of the information kiosks was to provide information on how individuals can learn more about PrEP and methods of protection against HIV/AIDS. Embedded in the HIV/AIDS information kiosks was a QCR code which enabled access to the HIV/AIDS Libguide.  During the Metro Rail Stations campaign we noticed an increase in the number of hits on the HIV/AIDS Libguide,

Dr. Cynthia Davis participated in several virtual workshops. The workshops consist of collaborating with a number of partners, including the UCLA School of Public Health Program highlighting her HIV/AIDS

related work which spans the past 30 years both international and domestic. Dr. Davis actively recruited CDU students to participate in Pre-Conception Health community outreach and education program involving HIV/AIDS-related primary prevention. A minimum of two workshops are held annually. In addition, Dr. Davis coordinated and presented at a community event hosted by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Inglewood Alumni Chapter’s World AIDS Day Program. The focus of Dr. Davis’ presentation highlighted the current state of HIV/AIDS in the world. Lastly, Dr. Davis is well known for her CDU Dolls of Hope Project. She is an exhibitor in the Williams Grant Still Art Center’s 40th Annual Black Doll Show, and Dr. Davis facilitated a Dolls of Hope workshop for the National Association of University Women and the dolls from the event will be donated to the nonprofit, Light a Candle Foundation, in the Dominican Republic.

On December 2, 2020, Dr. Darlene Parker Kelly, Dr. Cynthia Davis and David Lee were the guest panelists on the CDU “Good News Radio program to discuss the National Library of Medicine (NLM) funded the HIV/AIDS Community Outreach Project. Each panelist discussed their role in the project, and Dr. Parker-Kelly discussed the goal and objectives of the project. The CDU “Good News Radio program is a weekly podcast that was developed to engage and to enlist the listeners as advocate for health equity and research involvement in the community.  The program was hosted by Melanie Rodriguez and Charles McWells and the podcast will be posted on the HIV/AIDS Libguide. Please use the following link to review the podcast.

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