Prevention Collaborative: Online Store for HIV Materials Development

As the end of our contract year approaches, we have begun the collaborative process of considering what stories and characters we may want to explore in 2021. Community feedback for our previous work was extremely positive, and our special series addressing the COVID-19 crisis was particularly well received. We feel honored to have been able to tell a range of stories reflecting the realities of individuals and couples coping with the pandemic, and hope to continue that work as long as it’s needed.

Our stories are always community driven and will be created in consultation with experts in public health and health disparities. Initial feedback from these groups on potential storylines include:

  • HIV/STD syndemics
  • Generational differences in attitudes and behavior regarding HIV/STI testing and screening
  • Promotion of home STI/HIV testing
  • Drug user health
  • Provider stigma/discrimination
  • Expansion of COVID content, with a focus on the ongoing impact on mental health, the impact on marginalized communities, and issues for individuals living with HIV

We will continue our formative research and look forward to presenting new stories in 2021!

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