Sharing HIV/AIDS Information Using Art and Innovation

Taking Effective Action, Inc. (TEA) has provided health education services to the African American community for over twelve years with a focus on the metropolitan Washington, DC area. As the COVID-19 pandemic caused many in the community to embrace technology and utilize online platforms for work and school, TEA used art and a less “digital” method to educate the community about HIV/AIDS online resources in a culturally relevant manner. TEA developed an e-coloring book that includes basic HIV/AIDS, PrEP, and nutrition information along with coloring book pages that includes positive messages and bible verses to target African American women. Coloring books are not just for kids. In fact, studies have shown that adults who color experience health benefits such as reduced stress, mindfulness, and mental health support. TEA utilized this art activity to share HIV/AIDS information and National Library of Medicine resources. Data from a recent feedback survey TEA administered indicated:

  • 98% have religious beliefs
  • 79% regularly attend a place of worship
  • 64% receive health information from their place of worship
  • 78% receive health information from community organizations and/or events
  • 68% would like to receive health information in a non-traditional learning setting

TEA’s e-coloring book is titled: HIV/AIDS Coloring Book for Sistahs. The 23-page book is available online only and aims to educate African American women about HIV/AIDS prevention and healthy eating while providing a relaxing activity to support mental health or just a little “me time”. HIV/AIDS Coloring Book for Sistahs

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