Taking Effective Action, Inc. ACIOP Blog #2 Post – Q2 2020

Title:  Zoom! An Essential Chat Tool During COVID-19 Restrictions

Like many in the U.S., Taking Effective Action, Inc. (TEA) was challenged during the second quarter of 2020 with figuring out a way for life to go on when COVID-16 restrictions hit Prince George’s County Maryland. Stay-at-home orders, non-essential business closings, physical distancing, mask requirements, and vulnerable populations all thwarted TEA’s plans for in-person studio recordings of HIV/AIDS Roundtable Chats targeting African American women in the County. Zoom to the rescue! After allowing the team to deal with personal/family safety, scheduling, and adjustments, TEA opted for recording virtually via Zoom. The format isn’t as up close and personal as a studio recording, but with the right team, virtual works.

TEA recorded a Roundtable Chat via Zoom that focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and PrEP. Health experts held an informal “chat” to make HIV prevention and PrEP more engaging for African American women in the community. African American women are a significant number of new HIV cases, so prevention makes sense, but why talk about PrEP with these women? Black women play a key role in the health of their families and the community. They are often caregivers, share information, and influence the health decisions of those close to them. So, teaching them about PrEP makes sense even though they’re not the intended users of PrEP. Teaching them how to get accurate HIV/AIDS information online from the National Library of Medicine is also a good move. View this video to see how TEA’s new forum for African American women, sistahvoices.org, is making a difference.


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