Desert AIDS Project: AICOP – NIH/NLM Blog Post

Desert AIDS Project (DAP) has adjusted aspects of this project to accommodate State of California, Riverside County, and City of Palm Springs public health mandates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have suspended our community-based HIV testing services where we would ordinarily provide HIV resource and HIV prevention education print materials to community members who are testing for HIV/STI. With our grant partner, Palm Springs Public Library closed, we have not yet been able to
provide HIV/STI testing on the library site, or provide an HIV prevention education public health lecture at the library, or train reference librarians in finding HIV resources online, including NLM/NIH HIV and PrEP online resources as originally planned.

Despite public health restrictions due to COVID-19, with support from this grant, we are carrying out the goal of our project to advance awareness and knowledge of HIV prevention measures and HIV resources. We have printed and are distributing resource guides we have developed that refer to these NIH/NLM online resources:; and To date, we have distributed 120 resource guides. An additional print resource, palm cards, for patients, clients, community members and community clinicians have been printed and are ready for distribution. We have posted electronic copies of these print materials on our website to expand access to these resources:

We are providing HIV/STI testing services on site in our sexual health clinic, located inside our Federally Qualified Health Center. Participants in testing services receive the printed resource guide. We are also providing HIV at-home test kits for individuals sheltering at home who contact our sexual health clinic. Resource guides are mailed with the HIV at-home test kids. We have integrated PrEP navigation services within our sexual health clinic and primary care clinic. Testing participants
who receive a negative HIV test are provided with the printed resource guide during a safe encounter with a DAP’s PrEP navigators who provide PrEP readiness assessments and referrals to clinicians for PrEP prescriptions. On June 25, 2020 we presented a community outreach event to the African-American community in our area at the James O. Jessie Community Center in collaboration with FindFoodBank, providing HIV/STI prevention education including information about NIH/NLM
HIV and PrEP resources online, as well as distribution of the resource guides. We are currently providing virtual HIV prevention education through Zoom sessions to substance use disorder recovery centers and through distance learning sessions in collaboration with local public schools. Our power point presentations used during these sessions refer to :; and

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