CDU: HIV/AIDS Information Community Outreach Project

The CDU HIV/AIDS Information Community Outreach Project made adjustments as a response to the “Shelter in Place” ordinance mandate by the State of California Governor. This has impacted the ability to participants in all face-to-face activities. During this segment of the award the focus has been on the following activities: (1) review the focus group survey results from our previous pilot study, identify the cost of electronic billboards, and creation of the HIV/AIDS LibGuide.

Prior to the ACIOP award, a pilot study was implemented by the CDU Health Sciences Library and its partners from the Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library at UCLA. One of the deliverables from the pilot study was a focus group of HIV patients, and as result, a PrEP mascot was suggested to further encourage others to learn more about PrEP. David Lee, Co-PI and his team has adopted the mascot and it will be used in all educational awareness materials. The second deliverable was the cost estimates for the electronic billboards. The billboard will be distributed in the LA Metro Rail Blue Line stations that are located very close to the University.  The three locations include: Compton, Watts Towers, and the Willowbrook/Rose Park Rail Stations. The third deliverable for this quarter was the creation of the HIV/AIDS LibGuide, The HIV/AIDS LibGuide is a work in progress and we will continue to update the resource on a regular basis.

The CDU HIV/AIDS project has identified methods including virtual meetings and emails to disseminate health information/resources that are available through the National Library of Medicine. We understand that this uncharted territory and we look forward to opportunities and lessons learned.


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