Desert AIDS Project

Desert AIDS Project

Social media message development and deployment: During this reporting period, we tracked the following outcomes related to social media message deployment: Total HIV testing Page views: 221; Total PrEP Page views: 95; Total PEP Pageviews: 42; 9 Facebook shares and 16 social media shares.

We also updated print materials about HIV/AIDS/PrEP including references to NLM HIV/AIDS/PrEP information resources online: bilingual/Spanish rack brochures for Palm Springs Public Library and for distribution to individuals during HIV testing encounters; bilingual/Spanish palm cards for distribution to individuals during testing encounters and to be provided to local clinicians for distribution to their patients (see below) We created live links to on these DAP websites:

DAP has suspended public testing encounters, community health and medical detailing presentations to comply with the orders of California’s Governor Newsome’s order and the City of Palm Springs to avoid gatherings due to the COVID-19 outbreak. DAP has converted its HIV/STI testing clinic into a COVID-19 screening and triage clinic. Print materials (brochures and palm cards) providing HIV/AIDS/PrEP educational information with references to NLM HIV/AIDS/PrEP information resources online will be available on-site at DAP’s FQHC. During this period of suspension, the public and local clinicians are currently able to access DAP’s HIV/AIDS/PrEP education and resources online through DAP’s website and social media posts.

DAP HIV Prevention Palm Card

DAP HIV Prevention Resource Guide-Brochure



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