CDU: HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project

Paradigm Shift Summit 2.0: Black Women Confronting HIV, Health and Social Justice – February 6-7, 2020 at Loudermilk Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The primary goal of the Charles R. Drew University HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project is to increase HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and awareness among people living with HIV/AIDS and others who are at risk, racial/ethnic minority populations on a local and national level. The Paradigm Shift conference provided an opportunity to meet two project objectives. At least 90% of the conference attendees will increase their awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and families. At least 85% of the participants attending a table exhibit event will increase their awareness of the use of the National Library of Medicine resources, (MEDLINEplus, AIDSinfo, AIDsource,, and Substance Misuse and Addiction Resources).

The Paradigm Shift Summit 2.0 was a National, a National two-day Summit focusing on the continued impact of HIV/AIDS on Black women and their families.  The Summit was established by the Sankofa Collaborative, a robust collaboration among African American and Afro Latino professionals representing non-profit, public health, faith-based and academic institutions.

The Paradigm Shift Summit 2.0:  was ultimately designed to focus on the impact of HIV/AIDS on Black women and their families. The conference targeted the community, stakeholders, policymakers, and researchers – highlighted the urgent need to call attention to the intersection of social justice and persistent health disparities that contribute to HIV transmissions for Black women.  The 2020 Paradigm Shift 2.0 Summit mirrored the 2017 effort to bring a gender-tailored approach and lens to the HIV/AIDS epidemic affecting African American women. The Summit objectives were established to reduce the stigma among Black women living with HIV. The keynote speaker for the conference was Dr. Angela Davis, – Distinguished Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness; Distinguished Professor of Feminist Studies University of California Santa Cruz.



Picture of Dr. Angela Davis (IMG-1691)

 There was a total number of 275 Attendees on Day 1(February 6th) and 300+ Attendees on Day 2 (February 7th). Some of the evaluation data is still in the process of being analyzed.

The CDU Health Sciences Library was an exhibitor at the two-day conference to promote the awareness of the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) resources. The Library Director, Dr. Darlene Parker Kelly provided an overview of the following NLM resources, including MEDLINEplus, AIDSinfo, AIDsource, Clinical, and Substance Misuse and Addiction Resources. Conference participants who attended the exhibit completed a brief survey, and they self-identified as community persons, educators, healthcare providers, and students. The majority of the participants were familiar with AIDSinfo and several indicated that AIDSinfo was the primary resource they use with their patients and in their profession. All of the participants indicated they would use NLM resources in the future. The three primary resources used were: AIDSinfo, PubMed, and The mini-survey will continue to be used as an evaluative tool. In addition, a total number of 200 brochures NLM resources were disseminated. Several participants asked for additional brochures that were available from the Library and the Library Director demonstrated how the brochures could be downloaded.

aaaaaaaaaaaIMG_1683_Dr. Parker-Kelly

Picture of Library Director and Conference Participant





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