Building strong community engagement through social media

Comunidades Unidas utilizes social media as a tool for community engagement. Many Latinx/ Latina/o community members like to be connected with their families through social media as there are so many outlets where people can connect and get access to important information. We promote PrEP and HIV/AIDS prevention resources in both English and Spanish to ensure many in our community have access to the information they need.

PrEParate para el futuro/ PrEP for your future’s goal is to increase the accessibility of HIV/AIDS-related health information and resources among Latinx (Latino/Latina) and LGBTQ+ individuals residing in Salt Lake County. It’s our aim to fight stigma and empower these populations to better prevent, manage, and treat HIV/AIDS via increased connection to online National Library of Medicine (NLM) resources and information and access to local PrEP services, such as the “Free PrEP clinic”  from the University of Utah.

During this quarter we strengthened our collaboration with partners and we hosted mobile health events around Salt Lake County and rural areas in Utah. We provided STIs testing, vouchers for free or low-cost HIV tests, and referrals to NLM’s online resources such as InfoSIDA, MedlinePlus español and AIDS Source.CU3

We believe our social media campaign is opening doors to have honest conversations within Latinx families. Comunidades Unidas is providing simple messages related to our shared values and culture, sharing events and providing information in English and Spanish to ensure our families stay healthy and united!


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