Black Girl Health Update

Black Girl Health has produced a total of 5 social videos and infographics as part of the National Pop the Question Campaign that spread awareness about PEP and PREP for the 2018-2019 performance period. The videos and infographics are posted on our social platforms via Instagram and Facebook on HIV awareness days to help boost our marketing efforts to our target audience. The social videos are created in a comedic way to engage our target audience about these modern-day prevention methods. We have learned that our audience engages more with educational content when it also provides entertainment value. Hence our social videos this year have garnered over 180-thousand views.  As a result of viewing the video on social media, people were more prone to take the call to action to land on our website that specifically designed to educate women on pop the question using NLM resources, Aidsource and MedlinePlus. On the site, viewers take an interactive survey that increases their knowledge of PREP/PEP using NLM resources as well. As of the 3rd quarter we have gotten over 200 of these surveys completed online. Below is an example of one of our most recent video HIV infographics.


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