HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Program (ACIOP): PleasePrEPMe Blog #3

In public health, message delivery is everything. With the wrong wording, a poor delivery system, or simple lack of clarity, the information you are trying to relay gets lost and the resources you’ve put into crafting that message are wasted. With that squarely in mind, a large portion of this quarter was spent on researching and testing course platform tools. The original plan was to host the PrEP navigation training course within, but upon further discussion, we decided to explore dedicated course-hosting sites. The rationale behind this was multi-fold: 1) a platform would have an easy login and user tracking system straight out of the box, negating the need for PleasePrEPMe to implement one, 2) a platform would have been built on an extensive amount of research and expertise around curriculum content delivery (expertise PleasePrEPMe is still acquiring), and 3) superior technological capacity for optimum course flow and user experience.

Several platforms were tested and ruled out for reasons such as high cost, misaligned purposes (several were designed for use by universities and other much larger educational systems) and poor user experience or outdated user interface. The team landed on Thinkific for more in-depth trialing. A mock course was created with all the features of the curriculum: pre and post-tests, video curriculum delivery, resource downloads, and completion tracking. After testing by several team members, it was determined that the user journey was ideal for the course messaging: Frontline workers are able to take the whole course or just dip in and out to select modules and downloadable resources, track their progress, and revisit resources, quizzes, and other content as much as they like. A simple sign-in is all that is required, and on the back end, it is easy to tie pre- and post-session test scores together, necessary for the evaluation component of the course.

We are excited about the wealth of knowledge we hope to bring to frontline workers about PrEP navigation and are hopeful that streamlined, elevated user experience will contribute to their learning.

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