HIVE: Supporting Those Affected by HIV (blog post #3)

HIVE Q3HIVE has been strengthening and expanding its reach in recent years through a number of initiatives, including improvements to online content; strategic engagement with the sexual and reproductive health community; creative social media strategies; and engaging talks, webinars, and video series, including an active blog by and for people affected by HIV focused on sexual and reproductive health experiences.

In 2018, through POWER Health, HIVE created and disseminated over 75 pieces of new or updated content via presentations, email listservs, newsletters, and social media channels. It also launched a series of six interdisciplinary ‘Hangouts with HIVE’ focused on promoting equity that has been viewed over 1,300 times.

With support from NLM’s HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Program, HIVE is improving the quality and accessibility of its online HIV-related sexual and reproductive health content. With the award, HIVE has updated its resources to include PEP, PrEP, and treatment as prevention (TasP)/undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U); ensured that all content uses preferred language (people-first language that is respectful of gender identities and sexualities) and plain language, as per the CDC’s plain language guidelines; and evaluated its website structure to improve retrievability, functionality, and accessibility, including access to NLM online resources, as per Section 508 requirements.

During the third quarter, our team made updates to and reevaluated the website for retrievability, functionality, and accessibility. All 508 compliance updates have been made. The team also updated the consumer-facing resource pages with plain language per the CDC’s plain language guidelines. Several new NLM resources from Medline Plus and AIDSinfo were added to HIVE’s website, and infographics from AIDSinfo were added to our consumer-facing resource pages.

In the next quarter, our team will continue to make updates to our online resources with the help of Dr. Karen Scott, our ob-gyn clinician consultant, and we will begin disseminating our updated resources to our intended audiences.

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