A Community Health Worker’s Approach to Creating Connections for Outreach

Founded in 2017, PROJECT H.E.L.P. (HIV, Education, Learning and PrEP), is a community outreach program at AIDS Foundation Houston (AFH) in Houston, TX. AFH provides free HIV screening services, patient linkage, and health education to individuals in the Houston, TX area. AFH has been able to create an outreach program that incorporates and facilitates outreach, support, education, and treatment services.

PROJECT H.E.L.P. is intended to create a community groundwork for HIV/AIDS and PrEP education and screening. Community Health Workers are responsible for finding and developing partnerships, enlightening individuals in the community about the importance of HIV testing, increasing screening among underserved individuals, and providing HIV/AIDS and PrEP resources to the community. The CHWs are well integrated in the community, resulting in them being members of the board on the communities they serve.


The success of outreach is based on community partnerships. CHWs have established community partners that support the health needs of individuals who can benefit from HIV/AIDS screening and resources. Area partnership organizations include transitional housing facilities, health service providers, housing associations, churches, and neighborhood recreation centers. These organizations are an important element in present community relationships and understanding community needs. Our CHWs are allowed to pass out flyers and set up resource tables while onsite. It is through these partnerships that PROJECT H.E.L.P. is able to successfully expand information access to the community.


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