Pop the Question Campaign Update

Black Girl Health has produced two social videos as part of the National Pop the Question Campaign that spread awareness about PEP and PREP. In order to engage our target audience, which is African American Women, Black Girl Health made the conversation about HIV more comedic than serious. As a result of viewing the video on social media, people were more prone to take the call to action to land on our website that specifically designed to educate women on pop the question using NLM resources. On blackgirlhealth.com/awareness you will see the page has been updated to link directly to NLM sites with PreP/PEP information, which includes Aidsinfo and Aidsource. On the site ( blackgirlhealth.com/awareness) visitors can also take an interactive PREP/PEP knowledge-based assessment test. The interactive test is part of new technology that we built to help engage our population to complete the assessment as opposed to completing a static/traditional test.




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