PrEPare for your future: Empowering Latinx communities

Did you know that despite the CDC recommendation that 100% of people be screened for HIV, only 25.6% of people in Utah have ever been tested for HIV? [1] [2] This puts Utah in the last place nationwide. Furthermore, Latinx populations are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS. Of the people who were diagnosed with fully-fledged AIDS, 40.3% were Latinx (Latino/Latina), which makes them the most impacted group in Utah[3].

The goal of Comunidades Unidas’ “PrEParate para tu futuro / PrEP for your Future” project is to increase the use of NLM health resources and HIV testing rates among Latinx and LGBTQ+ individuals in Salt Lake County. Through our partners at the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City, we have seen encouraging results in empowering our community. So far, we have reached 312 individuals on informational sessions and over 200 people online.


We are excited to report that our goal of empowering community members to take control of their own health is working! Before the program, only 8% of community members said that they were familiar with NLM resources, such as AIDSinfo and MedlinePlus. 82% had said they had no familiarity with NLM. However, after the program, 96 % of workshop participants stated that they felt comfortable accessing NLM resources by themselves and 70 % anticipated using NLM resources in the future.


Comunidades Unidas is very excited at the positive response to the “PrEParate para tu futuro / PrEP for your Future” project and looks forward to continuing to empower community members, both in person and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

[1] Revised Recommendations for HIV Testing of Adults, Adolescents, and Pregnant Women in Health-Care Settings. (2006, September 22). Retrieved from
[2] Spivak, Adam M. 2019.“Preventing HIV in Utah.” Presented at the ACP Utah Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting, March 1.
[3] HIV Infections in Utah: 2014 Epidemic Update (Rep.). (n.d.). Retrieved March 4, 2019, from Utah Department of Health website:

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