NLM & Philadelphia FIGHT Partner to Develop Vital Resources for Those Affected by HIV/AIDS

Philadelphia FIGHT’s Project TEACH program, a treatment education program for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), is expanding its reach by developing online trainings for those who support people living with HIV/AIDS including but not limited to family, caretakers, social service providers, and medical providers. Through its partnership with FIGHT’s online training department, the Community Health Training Alliance (CHTA), Project TEACH is combing its expertise of in-person training with CHTAs online presence to extend our reach beyond the Philadelphia area. We are able to execute this exciting project thanks to the education and financial resources of the National Library of Medicine. While they have consistently provided gold standard resources on their own platforms, we seek to expand both of our reach through this project by providing trainings that increase knowledge that leads to the destigmatization of HIV/AIDS, both quality and connection to care and services for PLWHA as well as the commitment of those affected by HIV/AIDS to ending AIDS and HIV stigma in our lifetime.

Thus far, we have combined all of our resources and expertise to develop an extensive curriculum that will be delivered in small segments through a web platform. Each lesson is packed with information that will both support a better understanding of why HIV stigma and science don’t align as well as give learners tools, such as knowledge about PrEP and undetectable equals untransmutable U=U, to help improve their readiness to support PLWHA in a multitude of ways. The lessons with being free and those who complete them may be eligible to receive continuing education credits or other professional credits.

The Project TEACH team is committed to delivering high-quality trainings that focus on both science and the experiences of PLWHA. Currently, we already have over 100 people interested in our in-person Frontline TEACH training – which is beyond our current capacity and requires participants to commit to 5 consecutive weeks of bi-weekly availability for 3 hours per session. With Frontline TEACH online we will be able to give these vital resources to all who seek them on their time table and at the click of a mouse, tablet, or mobile device. We expect to launch this program in late spring/ early summer and are excited to see its impact. You can learn more about Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers, CHTA, and Project TEACH at or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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