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PleasePrEPMe launched in June 2015 in California as the first searchable, location-responsive PrEP provider directory. Through collaboration and partnerships, PleasePrEPMe is now an online hub for pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP and PEP) access with 122,000 website visitors annually from across the United States. Working exclusively in the online space, PleasePrEPMe has been a leader in web-based HIV prevention work, frequently iterating as new best practices emerge. PleasePrEPMe maintains close ties with PrEP clinics, departments of public health, and community-based organizations through part-time staff who also work in other settings, in addition to staff members’ roles on various work groups and expert panels.

Through three key online programs, available in English and Spanish, PleasePrEPMe expands access to PrEP and PEP:

  • PleasePrEPMe:Directory: Searchable, location-responsive national PrEP provider directory, in collaboration with
  • PleasePrEPMe:Resources: Local HIV-prevention resources in English and Spanish for patients and providers in all 50 states. Dedicated HIV-prevention resource pages on PrEP, PEP, and U=U, as well as for potential PrEP users, providers, trans women, women, and youth.
  • PleasePrEPMe:Connect: Since April 2017, helping Californians find PrEP/PEP services in their area through chat, text, email, and telephone with experienced navigators.

For this project, PleasePrEPMe is utilizing funding from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to meet the need for no-cost, online, fully accessible PrEP navigation training for frontline staff, case managers, PrEP navigators, administrators, and other non-clinician staff at clinics and departments of public health (DPHs). A combination of video instruction and one-on-one interaction aims to meet a need for convenient, self-directed, personalized PrEP navigation training for staff at clinics and DPHs that lack the resources to send employees to a conference or host an on-site training. Through training modules that include discussions of PrEP as one part of the prevention toolkit, PrEP science, and client-centered PrEP navigation, we aim to:

  • Educate and empower DPH and clinic staff to both support clients in accessing PrEP and support their site’s clinicians in providing PrEP care.
  • Inform trainees about how and why PrEP is effective, the clinical engagement process, and how to assist their clients to cover their PrEP costs.
  • Foster inclusive, welcoming, supportive environments for clients to access PrEP services by training frontline and other staff in non-stigmatizing language, cultural humility, and other essential “soft” skills for PrEP navigation.
  • Improve utilization of accurate, current sources of PrEP, PEP, and HIV/AIDS information, including NLM online resources and PleasePrEPMe’s resource pages (e.g., Resources for You, Provider Resources, PrEP for Trans Women).

NLM resources such as AIDSinfo, MedlinePlus, AIDSource (particularly the PrEP Navigation Resources pages), and will be utilized in the creation of curriculum scripts and accompanying materials and will be linked throughout as relevant. In addition, a pilot curriculum will be released prior to the official launch (slated for September 2019, at the end of the funding period) in order to gather user feedback and make any required changes to the curriculum to more fully serve the intended recipients.

For more information come chat with us at!

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