AIDS Project Worcester Website

An important goal of the Bringing HIV/AIDS Information to the Heart of the Commonwealth project is to provide greater visibility to Worcester area HIV/AIDS services and increase the use of NLM HIV/AIDS health information resources. One of the partners on the project is AIDS Project Worcester (APW), a non-profit organization that uses advocacy, education, and collaborative initiatives to enhance the lives and health of people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Founded in 1987, this important community organization provides free comprehensive and integrated services to support the medical care and service needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. Their work improves the lives of individuals by fighting stigma and discrimination and through individualized services and best practices in a supportive, multicultural setting. The Lamar Soutter Library (LSL) is working with APW and local website development consultants to launch the new website, evaluate the usability, and refresh the new site based on user feedback.

Website as of August 30, 2018


The website is an important way to communicate to current and potential clients, the Worcester community, and stakeholders. People visit the site to learn about available services and volunteer and internship opportunities. In addition, they go to the site to identify people at the organization, learn about events, link to other resources, and identify contact information.

APW completed development of the new site earlier this year. LSL recently completed usability testing of the new site. Ten people participated in the testing, six from APW and four from the Lamar Soutter Library. We were pleased to see a great deal of consistency in the feedback. For example, individuals felt the pictures of the city and people highlighting the community were important visuals for the site. They also suggested enhancements to the site, including improving the readability of some of the links and reducing some of the motion in the site. The development consultants are in the process of refreshing the site based on feedback from the usability testing. We are looking forward to the launch of the refreshed site later this year.

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