Expanding Access to HIV/AIDS Information in Worcester, MA

The University of Massachusetts Medical School’s (UMMS) Lamar Soutter Library is excited about the progress of the AIDS Community Outreach Project, “Bringing HIV/AIDS Information to the Heart of the Commonwealth”. The project is a collaboration between the Lamar Soutter Library, AIDS Project Worcester (APW), and Worcester Public Library (WPL).

The staff at APW and WPL are increasing their use of The National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) resources through awareness and utilization of NLM’s authoritative health information sources. UMMS provided training to both organizations to support HIV/AIDS information outreach. NLM resources include AIDSinfo, AIDSource, ClinicalTrials.gov, MedlinePlus, and PubMed.

Worcester Public Library is using project funds to purchase books and DVDs, increasing awareness of the disease and providing users with relevant and current material. In February, when the first batch of material was added to the collection, there was a special display at WPL highlighting the new HIV/AIDS material.


The titles are available for review and loan as part of the public access catalog for the Central and Western Region of Massachusetts (CWMARS) [ https://worp-main.cwmars.org/eg/opac/results?locg=143;depth=0;bookbag=318997;page=0

APW is using project funds to purchase laptops and tablets for outreach and training, both at APW and throughout the community. Seven (7) laptops and five (5) 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet combinations are now available for training and outreach efforts. The equipment also includes a projector, a printer, and a locked storage cabinet. The APW staff, volunteers, and clients are thrilled with the resources and the expanded access to HIV/AIDS material from the NLM. APW staff, volunteers, and clients use AIDSInfo to learn about drug information, clinical trials, and view fact sheets.

We are looking forward to the coming months of the project and using project funds to order additional material for WPL. We are also working with APW on usability testing of their new website and recommending updates. The project is fulfilling the goal of “Bringing HIV/AIDS Information to the Heart of the Commonwealth.”

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