they2ze: A Comprehensive One-stop Trans-inclusive Shop

YTH provides an update on trans health and their 2016-2017 ACIOP resource app, they2ze, designed to help transgender-spectrum youth and providers access HIV and health-related care and referrals.


they2ze is a mobile application designed to assist youth and young adults who identify within the transgender-spectrum to access inclusive and vetted HIV and health resources, best practices, and referrals. The app was created by YTH, with the help of the National Library of Medicine, and is an advanced new development for trans* youth, young adults, and their healthcare providers.

This tool offers a new avenue in disseminating NLM HIV/AIDS resources to a traditionally hard-to-reach population. Transgender-spectrum youth (TSY) have historically struggled to find and access inclusive health resources, particularly in one place. One community member, Jaxon, notes that “Being a trans-guy in the Bay Area, I always need to find a doctor, or a support group, or something new, every day.” Medical providers who provide services to TSY often express a need for a place to find best practices and resources.

YTH recently sat down with Dr. Mosser, a Board-Certified and renown “top” surgeon and co-founder of the American Society of Gender Surgeons and the Gender Confirmation Center in San Francisco, California to discuss the impact that an mHealth app like they2ze can have for its users and providers.



Dr. Mosser on they2ze and the inclusion of trans care

When asked if they2ze is useful for any provider, Dr. Mosser responded that “Somebody that’s super clued-in can use the app. Somebody that doesn’t know anything about trans care and is trying to get themselves oriented, there’s some very introductory stuff [here] as well.[…] I think the core users are going to be transgender individuals who are trying to find a safe space within health care of all sorts. ”

The app, although developed as a tool to access inclusive HIV resources and services in and around the Bay Area, also serves as one stop shop for all trans*-focused and trans*-identifiable needs. “It’s well beyond the umbrella of HIV-related care”, says Dr. Scott W. Mosser, “any transgender individual who’s interested in trying to find somebody who is going to provide a trans-friendly environment – whether it’s for a broken arm, convalescence, blood pressure check, or HIV – this app is going to be where they will go”.

they2ze is designed for both TSY community members and providers to navigate their own personal needs. Users can log into the app and find referrals and services based on distance, tags, and gender-related needs. Users can also log in and offer resource feedback by placing personal reviews, suggestions, and ratings based on their own experiences. Resources and referrals include STD testing centers, HIV services, hormones, legal aid, shelters, peer support groups, and mental health care. To support medical and service providers, the app includes a section for providers with inclusive patient intake forms, standard care practices for working with TSY and HIV, and a compendium of gender affirming resources. they2ze further provides users with the most up to date relevant news, videos, and articles on trans-related health.

The they2ze app is now available for download for iOS and Android users.

trans* is an umbrella term that refers to all genders on the spectrum

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