The “Community Promise/Promesa Comunitaria” HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Campaign

Comunidades Unidas has a long-standing commitment to provide accurate HIV/AIDS information and provide information on available online and community resources to the Latinx community living in the state of Utah. How is this work being accomplished? This work is being done by the Promotoras de Salud (Community Health Workers). Promotoras, also referred to as Community Health Workers (CHWs) are an essential key to Comunidades Unidas. Promotoras for CU are community leaders who educate, refer, empower and assist the community in all aspects of their daily life. Promotoras are a cultural bridge between community organizations, government agencies and Utah’s population who need access to different services, in a reliable and understandable way.

This past quarter 13 Promotoras de Salud received a training on HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. They learned about the spread of HIV/AIDS and STDs, the treatment(s) available, the symptoms and how can someone be diagnosed. Promotoras were also trained on online resources provided by the National Library of Medicine. For the Latinx community we have decided to focus on the promotion and use of infoSIDA and MedlinePlus en Español.

As of now Promotoras de Salud have been able to reach out to 253 community members through formal workshop sessions that are conducted within the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City. They have also reached out to 510 community members during informal settings and one-on-one conversations with family members, friends, neighbors, or anyone they encounter throughout their daily lives.

Now that the winter snow is on its way of melting away our busy sunny days are approaching us fast. Which means more outreach opportunities for CU and the Promotoras de Salud. The refresher training will allow the Promotoras de Salud to be ready to hit the parks, summer events, community meetings, and more, ready to inform our Latino community about HIV/AIDS and the resources available to them both online and within their own community.

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