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YI Advisors – The Grassroot Project TGP’s First Twitter Chat!

One of the major components of the YI Advisors (YIA) – The Grassroot Project (TGP) program is the ramp up the social media strategy used by TGP to share HIV/AIDS prevention information, engage with their community, and build their name recognition. To start this process YIA created a social media strategy plan outlining best practices, goals, and tactics to build out this campaign.

Recently, we began one of the first steps toward full implementation of the social media strategy plan. After YIA trained TGP student-athlete coaches and staff on social media strategy, we launched a joint Twitter Chat to help TGP participate in a key HIV/AIDS awareness day, while utilizing their new social media skills. Our nonprofit, Young Invincibles, hosts weekly Twitter chats called Millennial Monday, where we discuss a variety of topics that impact young adults health and economic outcomes. To run a Twitter chat, we reach out to key partners who may be interested in that week’s topic, draft questions to help partners prep, and get the conversation going. All you need to do to follow a Twitter chat is the search for the hashtag, in this case, #MillennialMon and follow along, learn and ask questions during the chat.

Monday, April 10 was National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a great opportunity to run a #MillennialMon Twitter chat on HIV/AIDS prevention with our key demographic, and for TGP to show off their new social media organizing ability. TGP guest-hosted the Twitter chat with Young Invincibles, helping to answer key consumer questions about at-risk youth and HIV/AIDs.

During the chat, both #MillennialMon and the awareness day hashtag, #NYHAAD, were “trending” locally, meaning they were tweeted often enough to generate one of the top ten conversations currently happening on Twitter.


Twitter chats can be a great way to build up your base, engage with your partners, and share key information out quickly and easily. We look forward to continuing full implementation of the social media plan with more practices like these.



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