Black Girl Health Campaign Update

Black Girl Health has launched its Instagram Video Campaign called “POP THE QUESTION” to promote NLM/HIV/AIDS awareness among minority women. The video campaign consist of information from NLM resources including MedlinePlus and AIDSinfo.  In order to make the NLM information more engaging we used catchy headlines, moving pictures that provide visuals for the content and clearly show our target market. The NLM/HIV/AIDS videos air every Monday on Instagram and are marketed on all BGH social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. Below is one of the social videos that air in the month of February.


Black Girl Health’s Instagram Video Campaign called “POP THE QUESTION” is being used to direct women to our BGH website to fill out a short survey that helps to increase their knowledge of NLM/HIV/AIDS information in an engaging way. To develop the survey we used information from NLM resources as well as our “pop the question cheat sheet,” which gives tips to help minority women get them and their partner tested.  More than 100 people have filled out the survey so far, which launched on Black HIV awareness day, Feb 7th. The survey currently lives on our BGH website, and it will be replaced with a new NLM survey on WOMEN/GIRLS HIV Day, March 10th. See the survey below.


As part of the survey that is geared to increase knowledge of NLM/HIV/AIDS information among minority women, BGH used a social media influencer to engage survey takers with the right answers after completing the survey.  This was done using a video which was inserted into the survey as an automatic pop up after participants answered the questions. This strategy is used to help us measure the increased knowledge of NLM/HIV/AIDS information. A new social video will be used with a new survey for WOMEN/GIRLS HIV Day on March 10th. See the video with social media influencer below.



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