Developing HIV/AIDS educational print material and videos: Extending the project to disseminate reliable information on HIV/AIDS.

Working with ACIOP funding and a smaller grant from the University of Florida (UF) Creative Campus/Catalyst Fund, a team at the Health Science Center Libraries at UF developed educational print materials and videos to spread reliable information on HIV/AIDS risks, testing and the experience of living with HIV/AIDS.   The print materials aim to provide information for individuals who might have difficulty accessing and using web-based material.  The four short videos target specific at-risk groups in Florida: university students, retirees (specifically, individuals over 50), and individuals using local free clinics and public health services.  Another video focused on a group of HIV+ women that showed how their work with testimonial literature helps them live with and indeed overcome stigma still associated with their diagnosis.


The videos were created through a partnership with the Center for the Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida- produced and directed by Jeffrey Pufahl, a visiting faculty theater arts director in the Center, and videoed and edited by Matthew Daley, IT specialist at the Health Science Center Libraries.   The video targeting college students, Stops Signs, was written by Alana Jackson, who also acted in it, and the others were written by Jeffery Pufahl.




The videos are available on the library’s YouTube channel-

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  1. I love this so much! Thank you for the photos! 🙂

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