Transition from VINE to Instagram

Porcha Johnson, Black Girl Health

In the 4th quarter of 2016 it was announced that Vine, the popular video sharing social media platform, was shutting down for good. As much of our Social Media strategy was based around the use of Social Video this was especially unsettling. We really wanted to reach a younger demographic with our campaign as well as capitalize on the connection between twitter to push out relevant content on a consistent basis across multiple Social Media channels. Luckily, we had a solid social media strategy in place that transitioned seamlessly to Instagram. In Mid 2016, Instagram launched several new features: 60 second long video allowance as opposed to vines 6 seconds, analytics tools for businesses, the ability to post from Instagram to Facebook and twitter, and the ability to push Facebook ads to Instagram. We took advantage of all features and are now well on our way to reaching our target market and hitting our goals for education and awareness. The video template that will be used to promote NLM resources for our Instagram Video campaign is called “Pop the Question“.

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