Project Update from Black Girl Health

In the second quarter of our project we completed many tasks that are currently implemented and being tested for effectiveness of awareness to our target market.

  • We designed and developed a Facebook page ( and Facebook group for Gaudenzia New Options accompanied with custom graphics for the header area with a call to action that makes it easy to understand the purpose of each for visitors.
  • We designed and developed a custom graphic for our ad campaign.


  • We acquired an official domain for Gaudenzia New Options at as they currently have no website presence and a standalone page(s) was critical as part of our social media strategy.
  • We designed and developed two (2) landing pages as part of our social media strategy at that serves as a landing page and a upsell page with the express purpose of the following: acquiring email addresses of those who click on our ad offer for future contact and dissemination of NLM material via email, to upsell those interested in our ad to join the private Facebook Group, to retarget those who visit either webpage via Facebook with our ad through a strategy known as pixeling.
  • We developed an animation video using visual graphics and sound recording that was added to the upsell page ( to encourage those interested to join the Gaudenzia private Facebook group.
  • We conducted research on HIV prevention and treatment during the month of December that served as the basis for dissemination of NLM information via the Gaudenzia Facebook page using daily posts to the targeted market as well as the script for the upcoming video tutorial production.

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