Training the Trainer’s on Purpose

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By Lorece V. Edwards, DrPH, MHS


What do people say when a faith-based organization and a community-based organization come together on a project? In the words of the late great Sam Cooke – “A change is going to come.” The F.A.I.T.H. Project has been very busy training the trainer’s “on purpose.”  We have been preparing staff and congregants with the tools necessary to assist consumers, community-based organizations, schools, healthcare providers, libraries, policy-makers and others access and utilize a wealth of evidence-based electronic information on HIV/AIDS from the National Library of Medicine. Thus far, we have trained many of the Open Church members and staff from the AIDS Interfaith Residential Services Program. Everyone has learned something new about the epidemic and how these resources can assist with prevention efforts and add to the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS. Our training the trainer’s on purpose framework recognizes that when we lift on purpose and love on purpose, people may begin to live on purpose.  Let’s all lift, love, and live on purpose and have the faith that together with NLM we can make a difference in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Our outreach activities have been on going and has reached those in need of this information and resources.

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