Creating a Curriculum for HIV/AIDS Training at the University of Florida Health Science Center Libraries

The HIV/AIDS Project team at the Health Science Center Libraries of UF have been hard at work designing the materials that are being used to in workshops at public libraries, community organizations, and even the Department of Health. It is important that professionals working with at-risk populations be equipped with trustworthy HIV/AIDS information, so in our curriculum we go over each of the major HIV/AIDS information resources and describe what they can offer. That way, when a busy social worker, or librarian, or professional has a question, they’ll know right away the best website to choose to find the answers they need.


In addition to the “train-the-trainer” curriculum for professionals working with HIV/AIDS populations, the team has also been working on training materials for people vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. One of the demonstrated needs of our partner organizations, from the very beginning, has been simple, easy-to-read HIV/AIDS information. With that in mind, the team has created a curriculum that is designed to show, in easy-to-understand images and words, how websites like, AIDSinfo, AIDSource, and MedlinePlus can answer questions like “What’s the Different Between HIV/AIDS?” and “What Do I Do If I Think I Have HIV?”


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