ACIOP 2015 Awardee Black Girl Health Unveils Social Media Campaign Materials

We started our work for NIH HIV Awareness project with BlackGirlHealth and Gaudenzia by conducting research. We needed to first understand WHO we were speaking too. BGH indicated that they would like to target at risk minority women whom are primarily African-American and Hispanic aged 14-45.

With a clear understanding of our target audience, we then began to develop our Social Media Strategy to engage our target market. We determined Facebook to our best channel because the ad platform is easy to use, the targeting options are excellent, and the number of users on the platform is unparalleled.

Our strategy is a three step process that walks individuals in our target market from an offer (Facebook Ad) that leads to a desired outcome (downloadable material of value to target market in return for an email) to engagement (Facebook page with relevant NLM info) ultimately resulting with an interaction (Closed Facebook Group moderated by health professionals whom answer personal questions related to members health).

We then finished the month by developing a campaign slogan with accompanying creatives that would be used in the first stage of the three step process…the Facebook Ad and downloadable content).. The Facebook Ad needed to be an irresistible offer that would give a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

We conducted more research and found that one of the reasons many women are contracting HIV is a result of simply being fearful of talking to their partner about getting tested. As a result, we came up with the campaign slogan of “Pop the Question” and developed the Facebook ad and a downloadable 4 step cheat sheet that prospects could reference to help them overcome the fear of asking their partner to get tested.

Moving forward we will begin to develop the Facebook page with a focus on aesthetically pleasing and easy to use design that prompts engagement with NLM content.

Campaign Slogan: Pop the Question"

Campaign Slogan: Pop the Question”

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