Black AIDS Institute’s Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) Efforts

The Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) is a national collaboration of community advocates, including youth, trans* people, and members of the faith community, who work together to connect members of the Black community to HIV education, prevention, and treatment services. The coalition conducts programming in the areas of Prevention & Treatment Education, Peer Navigation, Advocacy, Voluntary Disclosure with the ultimate goal of fighting stigma, preventing new infections, and achieving viral suppression in the Black community.  In an effort to reduce HIV stigma and shame, BTAN has begun to include digital, print, and radio messages informing consumers, HIV service provides, and BTAN leaders of the National Library of Medicine’s online HIV/AIDS information resources.

BTAN is also committed to strengthening local leadership and raising the HIV science and treatment literacy of the black community through education and training, more specifically by hosting 3-day science and treatment trainings with 10 trainings slated for 2015 specific to community needs.

BTAN Los Angeles created a platform for all women: aging, youth, teens, lesbian, bisexual and transwomen, aptly entitled Women AWARE: Advocating for Wellness, Awareness, Reduction, and Empowerment.  This 3-day training spoke to such topics as women and HIV, biomedical interventions for women, HIV and faith, and a number of other topics that address issues specific to all women. BTAN Louisiana had a more centralized community focus concentrating on such topics as Navigating the Healthcare System and Treatment Myths and Suspicions in Black communities.

By the end of 2015, Black AIDS Institute plans to have hosted 10 BTAN trainings nationally with four successful trainings having already taken place and many upcoming trainings including the cities of Atlanta, Charlotte, and Baltimore, BTAN is prepared for an even more robust second half.

For more information on BTAN trainings or how to get involved with BTAN, visit!

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