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YTH has launched YTHINFO, a texting campaign for youth that delivers weekly sexual health information straight to your cell. You can also use YTHINFO to find local clinics for HIV testing. Text “YTHINFO” to 61827 to get started.YTHINFO: Educating youth about HIV Prevention via SMS

Eighty eight per cent of young Americans age 13 to 17 have their own cell phone or smart phone or daily access to one, and 91% of them use text messaging, texting an average of 30 messages per day. (Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015, Pew Internet Research, 2015)

Multiple campaigns around the world have shown effectiveness in using text messages to educate an audience about risk fack factors for HIV, remind users to get tested and how to stay healthy, including practicing safer sex.

YTHINFO also allows users to search for HIV testing sites and sexual health services from their phone. Users are referred to YTH’s SMS-based clinic locator, which provides information about local free and low-cost sexual health clinics from the CDC NPIN database. Users can text “CLINIC plus zipcode” to 61827 and YTHINFO will send them four of their closest youth friendly clinics.

YTH is promoting the SMS campaign through online social media advertising and youth-serving organizational partnerships to reach underserved youth with weekly text messages.

How can you support the YTHINFO campaign?

Ask youth that you work with to text the word “YTHINFO” to 61827 on their cell phone to opt-in to receiving these weekly text messages.

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  1. Great Work….And Thanks for update..

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