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  • Spotlight on AIDS Project Worcester

    There are many benefits of collaborations between libraries and community organizations. With the NLM HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Project (ACIOP), the stated goals are: Improve HIV/AIDS health information access for patients, the affected community, caregivers, and the public; Provide access… Read More ›

  • Pop the Question Campaign Update

    Black Girl Health has produced two social videos as part of the National Pop the Question Campaign that spread awareness about PEP and PREP. In order to engage our target audience, which is African American Women, Black Girl Health made… Read More ›

  • HIVE: Supporting Those Affected by HIV (blog post #2)

    HIVE has been at the forefront of innovating comprehensive HIV-informed sexual and reproductive health care since 1989. HIVE provides clinical care, training, advocacy and a virtual hub for disseminating best practices. Based at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma… Read More ›

  • The Prevention Collaborative: Update Post #2

    On April 1, The Prevention Collaborative launched the first of two new serialized stories for our project “Heads or Tails” through Instagram and Facebook. The first story describes the experience of Travis and his boyfriend Javier, a serodiscordant young couple… Read More ›

  • PrEPare for your future: Empowering Latinx communities

    Did you know that despite the CDC recommendation that 100% of people be screened for HIV, only 25.6% of people in Utah have ever been tested for HIV? [1] [2] This puts Utah in the last place nationwide. Furthermore, Latinx populations… Read More ›

  • PleasePrEPMe Blog #2

    On February 11, PleasePrEPMe met with representatives from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) to discuss each organization’s work and the specifics of PleasePrEPMe’s current PrEP navigation training project. This project is made possible with funds from the… Read More ›